UX Design
Graphic Design

ORDO was an exercise in design that I created based off of actual experiences and knowledge I've gathered during my time at my family's wholesale men's apparel business. During my time I saw a gap in the market for a small to medium size CRM application that would help sales teams and customer service do business from their pocket. I aimed to create an easy, intuitive, and no frills order placing and customer relationship app.

Problem - Sales people and customer service reps need an easy and straight-forward way to access customer information, inventory, and place orders while on the go.

Tools - Figma, Illustrator


  • Easy to Read
  • Large Buttons
  • Main Flows
  • No Frills

I wanted the homepage to be big and easy to click. Most salesmen, at least in my small research, are from a generation that isn't used to technology but have a grasp on the basics. This large button format and easy navigation helps create a frustration free experience.


  • Quick description for key information.
  • Easy to read tables for inventory by size.
  • Image for reference or show to customer.
  • Ability to place an order on screen.

A lot of time is spent seeing what we have in stock. Making a quick way to find and view items that are hanging in the warehouse is imperative for the sales force or customer service team. Some products have large quantities of different colors so a quick filter menu can help ease the burden of finding a certain color.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Quick card with important info.
  • Quick buttons for lines of communication.
  • Menu for common actions like new order, recent orders, people, etc.
  • People page with images and contact info.
  • Recent orders menu of all accounts.

When you have 50 accounts to maintain it can be difficult to remember who's who at the store, where they're located, and what order they just emailed you about. Creating the CRM pages and menu had to help clear issues and get you back to working quick.


  • Quick slide up menu.
  • Click-to-Add with visual que of quantity.
  • Add Item button for other products
  • Quick undo for mistakes.
  • Dropdown menus for other colors.

I wanted the ordering screen to be like making a phone call. The sales force can see each size and their variables and easily add to order by clicking the size. When more than one (shown with a green number) is clicked there is a sub number in the bottom right showing the quantity. Once the order is submitted there is a success screen with other options.