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Wellspring Harvest is an employee-owned, hydroponic greenhouse that grows 5 varieties of lettuce year round for the Springfield, MA and surrounding communities. They felt their branding, logo, product packaging, and website needed an updated look that stood out and expressed their values as a Co-op that works to empower locals from low-income backgrounds. They've grown by word of mouth and most people tend to find them for the first time on the shelves in stores. We needed a way to connect with that consumer right then and there and have them easily transition to the website for more information about Wellspring Harvest.

  • Problem | Wellspring needed a complete rebrand, logo, product packaging. Along with their rebrand Wellspring needed to update their website that was lacking crucial content that would help them bridge the gap between their physical product and digital.
  • Goals | Create an all inclusive brand that bridges their physical product to their digital presence.
  • Tools | Figma, Illustrator, Google Forms, Miro

Phase 1


Learn To Empathize

To begin I have a meeting with stakeholders and SMEs to find out more about their business, problems, and goals. Meetings with the stakeholders helped me build a great foundation for their target users and how their product is discovered. During I conducted a survey to gain foundational knowledge about the customer. The survey showed that 43% of consumers know a moderate amount about the brands they buy and 31% of consumers know more than average about the brands. I also found that the attributes "Fresh" and "Local" grab users attentions the most which helped when writing copy and creating the product packaging. This gave me great insight into how to design the updated website so users could quickly learn more about the brand. The competitive audit echoed these theories from the keywords they used on the content of their sites.

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Begin To Define

In the define stage I took my research and pulled it all together to create guiding personas, journeys, and problem statements so I could hone in on the users. I was able to create 2 personas and empathize through them. After seeing how much consumers know about the brands they buy I decided that a QR code on the packaging would make for a great addition to help new consumers find more information about Wellspring Harvest from the physical product and their differentiating Co-Op that helps the local community.

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Phase 2


Start To Ideate

As with most projects I begin by scribbling on my IPad to come up with ideas for the most difficult or prominent pages/screens. I knew I was designing mobile-first because of the meeting I had with Wellspring stakeholders. Their customers are finding them for the first time on a produce shelf so if consumers use the QR code on the package to learn more about the brand they are directed to a mobile, responsive website. During this time it's also imperative to continue asking questions. Is my hierarchy calling out the attributes from our research? How might I make it easier for consumers to find more about the growing process and the Co-Op?

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Develop Prototype

The first step and priority was to finalize the branding and product labels so they could begin to ship products with the new branding. The scope then turned toward designing a responsive site that was mobile-first and on brand with the product packaging. We needed the site to allow users to easily find more information about Wellspring Harvest, their process, and (from a marketing and business angle) their value proposition of charity and building the local community.

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Phase 3


Initiate Testing

After finishing a high-fidelity prototype I used UserFeel to conduct 5 unmoderated usability studies. We opted for unmoderated due to budget and time constraints. I took the user's feedback and analyzed the videos to create an affinity map, identify themes, create insights, and then prioritize those insights. The next step is to revise the prototype and review before implementation. Though the feedback was "good" it wasn't great in regards to the unmoderated tasks. Moving into further testing I will find 5 participants for a longer, moderated usability study to gather more information and behavioral data.

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Implement & Repeat

Once the revised prototype and research information is presented to key stakeholders at Wellspring Harvest we will make a plan to move forward together with the launch of the new site.

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