W  E  D  D  I  N  G  S

When I'm shooting a wedding I want to know exactly what my Bride and Groom are expecting of me and what they want the most out of their wedding photography.

I'll capture the emotion that this day has on both of you. I'll capture the father's proud smile as he walks his girl down the aisle. I'll snap the exuberant spins during the mother/son dance. 


I'm gonna bullshit with the groomsmen. I'll try and pick up on what makes you and your friends unique. I'll find the crazy uncle that makes funny faces. I'll find the friend that always takes his shirt off. I'm gonna be on the dance floor getting all the sing alongs and best dance moves.


What's included?

Wedding Packages start at $1,500 for a better understanding of your budget, needs, and our scheduling then please fill out the wedding photography inquiry below and I'll reach out with all the information you will need to make your decision!

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