Who Is Andrew Taylor?

I'm a creative director based out of State College, PA. I specialize in Photography, Videography, & Design but have the experience and capabilities to help collaborate, market, and consult. I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Marketing and Minor in Communications Media. I've worked in and with the Craft Beer Industry, Fashion Industry, Service Industry, and Athletic Apparel Industry. Want to know a little more? Just keep scrolling.


Where did it

all start?

I first started to get into photography during high school. I grew up just outside State College, PA skating and playing music. That's when I first picked up a camera and started to take pictures and videos of my friends skating and our one friend's 1991 baby blue Cadillac. 

After graduating I went to IUP to major in Marketing and minor in Communications Media. I fell out of doing photography during this time but truly loved the art other people created from this medium. 

After college I drove cross country with my mom to San Diego, CA to live with a friend on the west coast. It was always a dream of mine to drive cross-country and live in California since I started skating in 7th grade. During my time in California, I submerged myself in it's extensive craft beer scene to learn the industry and art of hops and barley.  

After almost 2 years of west coast livin' I decided that the rent was too high and that I would try my hand in the Fashion Industry as the Marketing Manager for my family's 120-year-old Manufacturing and Wholesale Men's Clothing Business. 

I've been living on the east coast now for 6 years and am enamored with the breadth of experiences I gain from traveling to China for designing the next season's line, conducting national ad's with our partners, or photographing a newly engaged couple glowing with love.


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