Great Question!

I'm a UX Designer based out of State College, PA. I have experience in Design, Research, Marketing and Sales. I graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Marketing and Minor in Communications Media and have a Professional Certificate in UX Design. I've worked in and with the Craft Beer Industry, Fashion Industry, Service Industry, and Athletic Apparel Industry. Wanna know more? Just keep scrolling!

Where did it all start?

I first started to get into design & photography during high school. I grew up just outside State College, PA skating and playing music. That's when I first picked up a camera and started to take pictures and videos of my friends skating and designing band tees.​After graduating I went to IUP to major in Marketing and minor in Communications Media. I fell out of doing photography during this time but truly loved the art other people created from this medium. 

After college I drove cross country with my mom to San Diego, CA to live with a friend on the west coast. It was always a dream of mine to drive cross-country and live in California since I started skating in 7th grade. During my time in California, I submerged myself in its extensive craft beer scene to learn the industry and art of hops and barley.  ​

After almost 2 years of west coast livin' I decided that the rent was too high and that I would try my hand in the Fashion Industry as the Marketing Manager for my family's 120-year-old Manufacturing and Wholesale Men's Clothing Business. ​

I've been living on the east coast now for 7 years and I'm enamored with the breadth of experience I've gained from traveling to China for designing the next season's line, designing our wholesale and retail websites, collaborating on national ads with our partners, or running usability tests for freelance work.

Recently I've been...

Listening to

NN/g UX Podcast
Past Lives Podcast
Armchair Expert Podcast
Happiness Hours by The Sidekicks


Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath
Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday


Object-Oriented UX by Sophia Prater